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Our love of shopping

Any Amazon Prime members out there? Yes, me too. Raise your hand if you love Target. Could you wander their aisles for hours? I know my hand is raised. Love digging around TJ Max for that great find? It's exhilarating right! These stores are fun, trendy, and convenient but they are not a place to buy professional salon and beauty products.

I'm sure you've all seen the facebook posts warning us of the dangers. There is some risk of your product being contaminated with the nasty things you've read about, or being straight up counterfeit. There is likelihood the product is old and way past its prime. Often I see very dated packaging for lines I'm familiar with on big box store shelves. The problem is this type of store or online retailer, is not authorized to sell these products. Not only are the products old they have been stored in far from optimal conditions. If the bottle says "only guaranteed when sold in a salon" please put it back on the shelf or remove from your cart.

I know what your thinking and I will be straight with you. Of course there are exceptions. There can be bottles of professional product on a big box shelf that will be perfectly fresh and fine, but do you want to take that chance? I wouldn't.


Take the time to research your options. Support local business by finding a salon that carries the brand your looking for. Support online retailer that work closely with and support those local stylists in your community.

Now we all love our online shopping this is true. A great place to go is They team with Stylists to make the shopping experience more personal. Many major brands you know and love have chosen them as an authorized seller of their products online. You will find some product reviews, and recommendations from me when you go to the site. They offer great discounts and free shipping options as well, bonus right? This is such a great place to look for styling tools. I am not able to stock dryers, flat irons, and curling irons but I can direct you to top of the line tools at I only have space on my shelves at the salon for my top favorite of favorite items but can offer so many more through loxa.

I should mention that Amika, being a small boutique brand, does not sell through loxa. But that's ok you can stop in to see me for your Amika fix. I have Amika samples in stock now so please ask if there is anything you've been itching to try.

I hope these tips will help you in making safe shopping choices and be informed on what to look for when you purchase - See you in my chair, Jessica.

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